Artificial Intelligence Information System

Inforobo is first of its kind automated information assistant platform and artificially intelligent response system available in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode which provides all in one solution for sales, customer service, live chat, lead generation, website assistance, and natural language interface for knowledge-base.

Inforobo makes it possible for your website visitors to engage in automated conversations with the virtual assistant by simply chatting or talking with it. The virtual agent acts as a guide, providing answers, guiding customers in their shopping decisions, and seamlessly escalating your sales. Inforobo's artificial intelligence also provides the front-line support so that your customer service staff can concentrate on more complex tasks.

Inforobo's use is not just limited to live chat, sales, support and marketing but it can be also be customized and used as an intra-organizational assistant and a natural language knowledge-retrieval system which can be very useful to institutes, corporate houses and professionals.

Inforobo can be also used to create customized chatbots. You don't require any coding skills when working with Inforobo. It works right out of the box. Your chatbot is already ready! You just need to enter information needed for the conversations and your chatbot is all set to go live.

Virtual Sales Assistant

Save money with an automated sales assistant with artificial intelligence (AI). Guide customers regarding your products and services and in their shopping decisions.

Online Customer Self Service

Self-Service improves your customer satisfaction because of the real time replies and also reduces the volume of questions that reach your support team.

Text to Speech

Users receive voice responses for their queries which provides better experience.

Speech Recognition*

Users can simply speak the questions into the microphone to get assistance or information.

Knowledge Retrieval

Information Retrieval can become a simple process with a natural language interface.

Lead Generation

Reliable lead acquisition using triggers. Collect the phone number and email from prospective customers so that your team can follow up.

All-in-One Intelligent Business Assistant

Inforobo is an All-In-One platform to intelligently engage and convert your visitors, automatically resolve customer issues, increase sales, gather critical customer insights and assist website visitors by providing them correct information and guidance.

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Get all the benefits of Inforobo for one all-inclusive subscription price.

  • Basic
  • $9/ mo
    Billed annually or $15 monthly
  • Knowledge-base up to 50 dialogues
  • 5,000 messages/queries per month
  • Live chat takeover by human
  • Speech Recognition* & Text to Speech
  • Email support
  • Signup

See all features

See all features

  • Enterprise
  • $999/ mo
    Billed annually or $1299 monthly
  • Unlimited Knowledge-base dialogues
  • Unlimited messages/queries per month
  • Live chat takeover by human
  • Speech Recognition* & Text to Speech
  • Phone, email & video chat support
  • Database Integration & third party API support
  • Signup

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* Speech recognition is currently only available on Chrome desktop and mobile web browser.