Inforobo can be extremely helpful for doctors, patients and medical institutes. This comprehensive platform of NLP solutions is demanded and utilized by business organizations running in and across the healthcare and life sciences industry. Inforobo can become a natural language interface front end for structured and unstructured data in the form of Electronic Health Record (EHR).

For Doctors

Customize Inforobo to access medical knowledge base using natural language queries. For example, doctors can use it to check side effects, drug interactions, treatment plan for a disease, symptoms of a disease etc.

For Patients

Chatbot is a much better fit for patient engagement than orthodox approaches. Instead of hiring nurses to call patients at home, why not let the intelligent robot do it? Inforobo can engage discharged patients to follow up with treatment plans and adherence. Also you may create a personal health assistant that patients can ask healthcare related questions. For example, patients can ask about symptoms of a disease.

For Hospitals & Institutes

Customize Inforobo to work as a front-end natural langauge interface for EHR (Electronic Health Record)

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