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Inforobo is a all in one virtual assistant solution for your business and website. Inforobo is a ready-made but highly customizable platform to automate interaction with your customers, clients, website visitors and internal employees with the power of artificial intelligence. Inforobo provides natural language processing power to your business which can be used for:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Sales & Leads Generation
  3. Intra-Organizational use for HR, Onboarding, Employee Engagement etc.
  4. Live Chat
  5. Creating Assistive Technology enabled Websites with Text to Speech
  6. Information Retrieval from Knowledge-bases and Databases using Natural Language Queries
  7. Creating Custom Chatbots for any purpose

Visitors who navigate your website or app can ask questions speaking naturally, and the system finds their answers. This process requires natural language processing and generic algorithms to interpret and understand what users ask and find the best results.

Inforobo is a revolutionary innovation. When you use Inforobo:

  1. You'll never let your customers waiting. They get instant response as the automated virtual agent is always available 24x7, never falls sick, and never gives up.
  2. You'll improve effectiveness, efficiency, and experience in the customer journey by providing interactive information all at one place.
  3. You'll save money as Inforobo's artificial intelligence provides the front-line support and sales assistance to your customers so that you can reduce your customer service staff. Hybrid Chat system allows your human chat agent to monitor live conversations taking place between your customer and the Inforobo bot. Your human chat agent can take over important conversations at any time.
Inforobo's virtual assistant solution is a perfect blend of the human talent with powerful AI technologies such as NLP, machine learning, speech recognition and text to speech, creating a brilliant customer experience and highly optimized performances with hybrid chat system. With Inforobo, you see the visitor in real-time, what they are doing, asking and visiting, and at every moment you can engage with them. With Inforobo, you can create intelligent dialogues with decision trees making it a powerful and productive automation tool which provides instant and better information to the user.
You don't require any programming or coding skills to use Inforobo. It works right out of the box. Your chatbot is already ready! You just need to enter information needed for the conversations which is a very easy process. Don't have time for entering information? No problem. We can do it for you.
The integration process of Inforobo widget is very straightforward. All you need to do is copy and paste a JavaScript code into your website and Inforobo is ready to use.
We have Inforobo widget installed on extreme bottom-left side in every page of our website. You can check it live in action by asking it questions about Inforobo.
Yes, we provide an API so that you can query your private database and send back the information to be displayed to customers/users.
Inforobo is a Software-as-a-Service and is priced by the functionality you need and the quantity of queries your want your assistant to utilize monthly. All of this is nicely packaged into plans to make it easy for individuals, small businesses and big enterprises. See our Pricing page for more detail.
Inforobo works best in English. Though it works in all the languages of the world including Deutsch (German), Española (Spanish), Français (French), Italiano (Italian), Português (Portuguese), Pусский (Russian), 中文 - 普通话 (中国大陆) (Chinese), 日本語 (Japanese), हिन्दी (Hindi) etc., please note that the website interface and help documentation are in English language. Inforobo supports text-to-speech and speech recognition feature for most of the languages.
Yes, Inforobo also adds voice features to your web sites and apps across all smartphone, tablet and desktop devices without any extra installation or fees. You can effortlessly add on-the-fly text-to-speech to your website or app and save hours of needlessly creating and editing audio files. It can be also useful for creating disabled friendly website and providing tool-tips to users.
Inforobo is designed to work on all the major smartphones as well as tablets (iPad / iPhone / Android / Windows). You don't need to do anything special, once it is integrated onto your website, it will work the same on desktop computers, mobiles and tablets.