Virtual Sales Assistant

Your virtual sales assistant is a friendly customer service rep who identifies opportunities for sales and responds to every Internet lead. Your Inforobo virtual sales assistant can get the phone number, email, the best time to call, purchase criteria, sales feedback etc.

Inforobo generates and engages Internet leads all day. The virtual sales assistant gets through to leads where other methods fail. The assistant gives all information about your products and services and helps your customer in buying decision. Inforobo will help find your next customers.

Help customers in realtime

The Inforobo sends automatic responses in real-time. Customers no longer need to wait for email replies.

24/7 sales assistant

The system is active 24/7. Inforobo assists all your clients from your website round the clock and it is always online. With Inforobo there are no after hours of your business.

Minimize expense

Save money by minimizing your sales staff and training cost. Engage thousands of leads at a fraction of the cost of a sales development rep.

Focus on important tasks

Inforobo's artificial intelligence provides the front-line sales support so that your sales development staff can focus on more complex tasks.

Engagement Triggers

Trigger engagement messages and actions using proactivity rules. Helping the user on the spot you can dramatically change your sales conversion and reduce cart abandonment.

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