Automated Website Assistance

Inforobo widget gets integrated directly into your website and provides instant assistance with common queries, such as contact information, pricing, setup guide, and much more. It can also provide links to website resources and links to related article.

Help visitors in browsing experience

Improve visitor's browsing experience by providing context related automated help depending on their current geographical and web URL location.

Voice enable websites

You can effortlessly add on-the-fly text-to-speech to your website or app without any extra installation or fees. It can be also useful for creating disabled friendly and assistive technology enabled website.

Automate answers to FAQs

Users get instant and exact answers from anywhere on your website instead of reading a long list of FAQs on a particular webpage.

Help the users instantly

Help the user instantly when they hover their mouse pointer over an important text or image instead of using tool-tips or comments on the web. This can also get the attention of visitors to make questions and thus can be a trigger for engagement.

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