Intra-Organizational Assistant

An intra-organizational assistant is an assistant with knowledge base setup by a company that is strictly for internal use. An internal knowledge base is a great way for companies to provide employees with important and easy to find information. As Inforobo can be integrated on your password protected website or intranet with limited internet access, there is no risk of sharing private or sensitive information with the general public.

Like a customer needs help, employees also has many questions about the company, for example, questions regarding HR policy or compensation structure design. Not only can they not find the answer, but they don't even know where to look. So they stop working and start emailing people until they get what they need. This scenario is a waste of time and productivity. Inforobo provides simple and easy to access resource that provides employees with relevant information not available to the outside world.

Likewise, organization's managing team many also need reports and information to measure how efficient and productive they are. A natural language query interface which integrates with existing analytical and reporting tools is a tremendous boon for the top level management.

Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Customize Inforobo to integrate with your existing BI, ERP or CPM tools. For example, you may ask questions such as "Who were our top 5 customers last month?"

Intra-Organizational Communication

Beyond standard one-on-one messaging, Inforobo lets you build groups around functional teams and bring people together for ad-hoc chat.

Human Resource

With Inforobo, you can create a user manual, technical reference document, publish policies and procedures, manage project documents and other content, provide training materials for employee training. For example, it can answer for questions like "Show me HR policy on Confidentiality".

Finance and Account Reporting

Customize Inforobo to integrate with finance and account tools. For example, you may ask questions such as "What were the telecommunications expenses in March 2016?"

Inforobo Intra-Organizational use is a customized solution.
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