Inforobo is the future of education. With Inforobo, you will have the resources to make education reach the next level. AI technology delivers the personalized interaction, responsiveness and efficiency that can give your educational institute a competitive edge. Check out how Inforobo can be useful in different ways for education industry.

Interactive Teaching

Create step by step tutorials and present ideas with the help of multimedia such as images, diagrams, audio and videos. Create interactive digital activities like polls, quizzes, puzzles and multiple choice Q&A exercises. Inforobo facilitates an active and engaged learning environment. Inforobo can be also used for e-learning courses or training programs.

Engage Prospective Students

Connect with every prospective student in real time using automation with a human touch.

Professor's Assistant

Store notes, to-do lists, snippets, diagrams, website bookmarks, contacts, ideas etc. and retrieve it back quickly while teaching. Inforobo will turn you into a more effective professor, there is nothing holding you back from developing a better bond with your students.

Student's Assistant

Integrate Inforobo widget on your institute's website or student information system to provide personalized information to your students regarding matters like enrollment, fees, class schedules, courses offered, syllabus, attendance, grades, academic progression etc.

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