Cognitive Expert System

A knowledge-based expert system (KBS) is a computer program that reasons and uses a knowledge base to solve complex problems. Inforobo can be customized as a cognitive software that reads, understands and answers to empower better, more informed decision making at real-time speed and at the scale of your data repository.

Effective information management is a critical success factor for all strategic activities, from business intelligence, to research and development, to marketing and sales. Inforobo is an asset that enables organizations and institutes in any industry to discover insight, transform customer engagement and empower their decision-making processes.

Create Knowledge Base

Build out a web-based knowledge base without worrying too much about the details. Rich formatting ensures that articles are easy to read. Knowledge base is called Dialogue base in Inforobo. Dialogue bases can have several topics where each topic can have a decision flow with sub-topics.

Knowledge base can be used to manage articles, white papers, user manuals, business processes, FAQs, online help, notes or any other type of information.

Query Unstructured Data

Access information from your unstructured data using natural language queries.

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