Customer Self Service

Inforobo bots are the most effective tools for online customer support and improving communication between businesses and their customers. Inforobo will automatically give answers and the customer can find their solution without needing to contact your team. If Inforobo does not have the answer, it will direct the question to your team. When your team responds, Inforobo will learn and remember that answer to give to the next customer, thanks to its unique machine learning technology.

Help customers in realtime

You do not need to have support agents online. With Inforobo, you can handle thousands of customers at the same time.

24x7 customer service assistant

With Inforobo you are hiring a new virtual employee. The system is active 24/7. Inforobo assists all your customers from your website round the clock with the same efficiency. With Inforobo there are no after hours of your business.

Hybrid Human + AI Chat

Combine the best of human and machine intelligence. Human can take over live conversation anytime from your bot.

Time and Money Savings

Save money by minimizing your customer service staff and training cost. Inforobo is your virtual employee which can do work of hundreds of humans.

Customer And Visitors Tracking

See real-time information of your visitors as they browse your website. See where, when and what they do. Keep track of their browsing and chat history.

Focus on important tasks

Inforobo's artificial intelligence provides the front-line support so that your customer service staff can focus on more complex tasks.

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